Come enjoy the facility
FITWIZE 4 KIDS Fund raising for local schools to come enjoy the facility and have money given back to the school. School Nights are offered from 3-7pm one night during the week. Cost is discounted to $6 per child with $1 is given back to the school for each child attending. Your School would a have monthly school nights set up. If you would like to schedule a school night for your school, call or email.

Looking for something fun to do with your class or group? A field trip at Fitwize 4 Kids is guaranteed to be popular with all kids? It is a great opportunity for schools, churches and day care providers to include physical education in their curriculum or activities. We offer field trips for any size group. We have a flexible schedule and custom programs, state of the art equipment and safety certified instructors.

A Field trip includes:
  • 1 to 1.5 hour of fun gym time (structured warm ups, games, free time).
  • Safety trained instructor(s) that will organize warm ups, games, show the equipment and supervise the gym.
Cost: We charge a per child fee.


Kids event in your schools.
Fitwize 4 Kids event in your after school enrichment programs. We will come to your school and offer 45 minutes to an hour of our fun fitness activities including obstacle relays, cooperative games and sports. We strongly promote fitness/physical activity and cooperative play! * If you have any questions or to schedule your field trip, contact your local Fitwize 4 Kids today! ** check with your local participating Fitwize 4 Kids to see what programs are being offered in your area.