What They Say about Fitwize4kids

How Health is Tied to Learning

Eating meals together as a family is beneficial for more than just bonding. See how else it can impact your children’s lives.

Alex Duran

Executive Director

Alex Duran is a retired United States Marine and fitness expert. He has held various positions in the field of Exercise Fitness including Master Trainer. The Crown jewel of Alex’s heart are special needs children which is truly what a higher power had put him on earth for. Alex is a frequent industry and public speaker on the subject of effective Health, fitness and anti-bullying.

Sue 11 years old

My little girl has built her confidence ever since she started at Fitwize 4 Kids. I love his place! The staff knows all about nutrition and fitness which helped my little Sue create a healthy lifestyle. I tell all my friends about this place because its truly amazing!

Alexandra 10 years old

I must say I love Fitwize for their programs aimed at helping children understand more about nutrition. I think this program is great. My daughter, Alexandra is 10 years old. Before Fitwize, Alexandra did very little exercise. She just was not motivated. She would come home from school eat dinner, play with her sister, and watch T.V.

Deslyn Applewhaite

Youth Fitness Trainer

Deslyn Applewhaite is a professional Australian basketball player that inspires her students and teams to derive the most from their potential. She believes every child is precious and should have a chance to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.