Jun 9th

Its all about your Kids Life Style

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Teaching children about how to lead a healthy lifestyle today will produce healthy, productive adults. The results of Fitwize 4 Kids reach far beyond the physical benefits. Besides improved endurance and flexibility, increased muscle tone, and weight loss, parents have noted that their children display increased self-esteem and confidence, better-eating habits, and even better grades […]
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Jun 8th

Live Webinar Series on Teachers: Do teachers carry the tools to recreate a possibility for a child that is bullying?

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If you hear from a teacher or another parent that your child is being a bully, What is the first thing you should do? Communicate—>Be direct  “I got a call from the school today, and the teacher told me that you were involved  bullying some kid.  Its all bout the approach and skill to reach your […]
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Dec 31st

Live Webinar Series on Parenting: Is your child being a bully? How start the conversation…

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Parents please keep in mind that kids who bully don’t do it because they are “bad kids.” A lot of kids today get into all kinds of behavior that isn’t a reflection of who they are as a child. They are still figuring things out and testing boundaries. Kids make mistakes and overall be nice kids. […]
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